Sand Blasting and Abrasive Blasting Explained

Is abrasive blasting and sandblasting the same? That’s the question that a lot of people ask. You might be surprised that they’re relatively the same thing. Sandblasting is simply a specific form of abrasive blasting.  


For the longest time, abrasive blasting is equivalent to abrasive blasting because the only material used for this method is sand. Now, there are many other options and that’s mainly where the difference lies.   

What is Abrasive Blasting?  

Abrasive blasting relies on the use of air compressed at very high pressure. Such air is mixed to the air to mix with fine abrasives emitted through the nozzles. Such abrasive particles are tasked to remove rust, paint, corrosion, discoloration, and dirt from most types of surface. Abrasive blasting is useful on almost all hard surfaces that have to be cleaned. 

Since we now know that there are different types of abrasive blasting available, it is important that you choose the right type of abrasives for your project. You must consider the hardness, size, mass, and sharpness of the surface, along with its reclaim capabilities and breakdown rate.   

What is Sandblasting? 

As a specific type of abrasive blasting, sandblasting uses sand to sharpen surfaces. However, newer technologies are forcing people to do away with sandblasting and use a modern method of blasting. Some experts discourage the use of sand for this purpose because of safety and health concernsIt’s because the silica found in sands are known to cause severe respiratory illnesses. To reduce the possibility of getting your health at risk, a respirator should be used.  

But more than silica, sand contains too much moisture and impurities. These can cause blockages to the equipment used, which will eventually lead to failure. Another reason why sand isn’t the best choice these days is the fact that it rarely works well with other types of abrasives.  

What You Should Know About Sandblasting 

The sand that’s fed into the blasting machine is changed to its powder form, where it loses its abrasive capabilities. It’s important to use the right type of abrasive so that the job goes quicker. Otherwise, you won’t be achieving the desired results.   

There are other things that you should know more about sandblasting and it is best that you find out a lot about them through a reputable Houston sandblasting company. It’s true that sand is a lot easy to find as it is bountiful elsewhere. But then, it also wouldn’t hurt to explore your other options either.  

Abrasive Blasting Options  

It pays to do a little research about your other options when it comes to abrasive blasting. Go through the inventory of several suppliers and see what choices they have for youFind out if the blasting supplies they offer are sufficient for your needs. That’s how you make a great choice when it comes to abrasive sanding.  

A quick search over the internet will also help. Gather as much information as you need about abrasive blasting so you can make good and informative choices at all times. Learning about the different kinds of abrasives and their general use will go a long, long way.  



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Party Ideas for your Young Ones 

It is always a cause for celebration when something good happens or something new happens in our lives. May it be a new birth Miami, an achievement, a small victory, a taste of something that you craved for. There are always reasons why one should celebrate and more so in the eyes of your young ones. Children are such a joy to be around, yes, some may drive you to a wall but all in all children are just curious and trying out the world and most of the time they have a hard time making sense of things thus their restlessness.  

Party Young Ones 

So, when you figure out how to allay their fears and uncertainties there would be less of people driving you into the wall of madness as adults with screaming children throwing tantrums would say. In this article, you will have the insight of party ideas for celebrating your young ones, may it be birthdays, achievements and other whatnots.  

  1. Themed Party  
    Perhaps the most common among all, party ideas is a themed party. It makes it easier for any parent to work well what they might think would delight the child. It could be a cartoon character or a simple theme of colors or an idea that the child would love. The easiest part of this is to decide what would be the theme and then design around the central idea, inspirations of the concoctions that would be served, another one would also be that there would the decorations and other details as well.
  2. Party in request of the Child  
    Another thing that you can make for the child is to include him or her in the planning and work out as much as what is workable into reality. You will find that they would enjoy it so much, they might even enjoy the whole thing and learn a thing or two about responsibility. This is a great way for you to show that they are capable if they would just take it in serious consideration or that they would put their minds to it.
  3. Simple games  
    There are many ways to bring joy to a child. And there is nothing more than to bring their favorite games into the fold. So, you can set that up into the party as well, so that everyone can play in that thought. It is something that children who enjoy playing or games would get in the experience. You can have as much fun too, you can incorporate the games together or do something else, but keep it simple and fun.
  4. Favorite Snacks  
    You should also find ways to incorporate your child’s favorite snack into the party. That would be a blast and although you don’t have to prepare everything you can still choose from their favorite snacks and have it served in the party. You never know how even small attention to detail is in great regards to a child. So, take it seriously they would remember the feeling and thought that went to look out for their happiness.  
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